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  • kate kane (batwoman)

  • pepper potts's main variant verse (marvel cinematic)

  • ben solo's prince of alderaan verse (star wars)

  • kaz brekker's video game engineer verse (grishaverse)

  • norah price (underwater)

  • ersken pate (original necromancer)

  • evie piaf (original psychic)

new friends & faces

  • pepper potts (marvel cinematic universe) || variant

  • carol danvers (marvel cinematic universe)

  • chrissy cunningham (stranger things)

  • eddie munson (stranger things)

  • billy hargrove (stranger things) || low activity, selective

  • jocelyn fairchild (shadowhunter chronicles) || request only

  • jinx (LoL lore, arcane based) || coming soon

  • seraphine (LoL lore, arcane based)


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  • inbox! I do not accept anon hate, or anonymous critique of myself, my muses/their canon, or my partners. If you have critique, you're welcome to message me privately on discord!

  • I practice categorical denial of subtext - I will not respond to passive aggression, to include: silent treatment, guilt tripping, or other related behaviors - full stop. I’m no longer tolerating this behavior in myself, & I will no longer tolerate it in others, either. if we can not communicate openly & respectfully, then we will not communicate.

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muse specific

🧋 Alec Lightwood@cliqbaits' jace herondaleship exclusive*

@ofangelicblood' jace herondaleship exclusive*
🧋 Kaz Brekker@thebestplayer's james bondexclusive
🧋 Layla Williams@immortalmuses's warren peacesingle ship
🧋 Leia Organa@bastxrds' Han Soloexclusive
🧋 Poe Dameron@ofcatnaps' Reydynamic exclusive (siblings)
🧋 Tony Stark@immortalmuses' bruce bannership-exclusive

the full overview

  • to look through what verses/fandoms each of my muses can interact in, click here instead.

  • click on muse name for divergencies, bios, verses, & shipping info

  • Not every verse is listed for each muse, I've elected to just throw out snapshots of high activity verses but some may have easter eggs hidden on their individual pages for anyone willing to plot things out!

Marvel & DC

James Barnes (Sebastian Stan)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

- threads
- ships
☆ primary muse. Post Endgame/Falcon & The Winter Soldier main verse.

Variant verses include:
- Took up the shield, where Bucky became Captain America after Steve was lost on the train in the Swiss Alps
- Modern variant where Bucky was overseas in Gulmira when Tony Stark was taken captive, & helped escape alongside him. (Runs concurrent with Iron Man+)

Fandomless trauma nurse verse, as well as tattoo artist verse can be made fandomless with plotting.

Fandom verses include: Shadowhunter Chronicles, Criminal Minds, Pacific Rim, & Terra Nova.
Tony Stark (RDJ)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
By request with plotting only:

- threads
- ships
Divergent starting with Civil War.

Fandom verses include: Pacific Rim, Final Fantasy X/X-2
Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

- threads
- ships

heavily divergent, SHIELD loyal to a fault. formerly found on @readyforyours.
Fully divergent, see timeline for full details.

Variant verses include:
- Project Pegasus, where Brock worked alongside Mar-Vel & Carol Danvers.

Fandomless verses include: Mugshots bakery cafe & catering owner & operator.

Fandom verses include: Shadowhunter Chronicles, The Purge, Pacific Rim, Hogwarts, Star Wars, A Song of Ice & Fire, & others.
Kate Kane (Ruby Rose)

DC Comics + some CW's Batwoman influence.

- threads
- ships

Formerly found on @gothampride.
☆ primary muse. Comic based with influence from season one only of the CW's Batwoman.

Variant verses include:

- Crows Security, where Kate took her father's offer to work for the Crows instead of donning the batsuit
- The Cheshire Cat (addiction CW), where Kate was cornered by Dodgson in Estonia three years after leaving Gotham, tortured, & turned into Alice's right hand woman.

Fandomless verses include: Candle79 food truck owner.

Fandom verses include: Marvel, Shadowhunter Chronicles, Sailor Moon, Star Wars.
Loki (Tom Hiddleston)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
By request with plotting only:

- threads
- ships
Variant verses include: 1930s/1940s arc
Pepper Potts (Alexandra Breckenridge)

Marvel Cinematic Universe's Multiverse

- threads
- ships
☆ primary muse. From an alternate timeline in the Marvel multiverse where Tony Stark died after making her CEO of Stark Industries in 2010. Pepper now balances that responsability alongside taking up the mantle as Rescue.

Variant verses include:

coming soon.

Star Wars

musenotesverse notes
Sabé Amidala (Keira Knightley)

prequel trilogy

- threads
- ships

Additionally pulls canon from Vader (2020).
Variant verses include:

- Queen of Naboo, where Sabé assumed Padmé's identity when the other was killed after the Invasion of Naboo to balance political tensions.
- Jedi padawan, coming soon.
Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)

sequel trilogy

- threads
- ships

divergent re: Free Fall.
Variant verses include:

- First Order Survivor, where Poe is antagonistically allied with the First Order in the face of a mutual enemy - the Sith Eternal & their Final Order

Fandomless verses include: Adult entertainment director

Fandom verses include: Pacific Rim, The Matrix.
Ben Solo (Adam Driver)

sequel trilogy
Selectively accepting:

- threads
- ships

heavily divergent main verse.
Variant verses include:

- Prince of Alderaan, where Alderaan was spared its fate at the hands of the original death star & took the lead in the Rebellion, & later, the Resistance.

Fandomless verses include: CIA special ops.


  • Mun is currently unfamiliar with the KOS duology, so all verses will be updated when I have a chance to sit down & read

  • Additionally, mun still hasn't sat down & watched season 2, so same update notes apply

  • All muses are book based with show influence, but I'm happy to plot with show based - just see note above

musenotesverse notes
Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter)Accepting:

- threads
- ships
☆ primary muse. Current through SOC duology & S1 of the Netflix show, only.

Variant verses include:

- Sun Summoner, where Kaz's abilities manifested after the death of his brother & he was subsequently smuggled across the Unsea to the Little Palace.

Fandomless verses include: Art thief international import/exporter, video game developer (doubles as college verse), hollywood producer, vampire, bartender

Fandom verses include: the hunger games, shadowhunter chronicles, star wars, criminal minds
Genya Safin (Daisy Head)By request:

- threads
- ships
Fandomless verses include: bridal designer

Fandom verses include: bridgerton, hunger games, a song of ice & fire, star wars
Colm Fahey (Toby Stephens)By request:

- threads
Modern verse by request
Jordie Rietveld (Matthew Daddario)Accepting:

- threads
- ships

Heavily divergent main verse.
Variant verses include:

- Ravka, where Jordie didn't die in the harbor & was instead picked up by a merchant ship ultimately bound for Ravka

Fandomless verses include: paramedic/firefighter in New York City


  • Mun is unfamiliar with The Eldest Curses, The Dark Artifices, & The Secrets of Blackthorn Hall at this time - I'm slowly making my way through them, but many of these muses thrive best in fandom or AU verses lately

  • Most, if not all, muses are book based but influenced by the show in various capacities. I'm critical of the show, but I do enjoy some of the nuance introduced so small changes will show up (such as Alec being Head of the Institute of New York, etc). Verses will be primarily based on the books, though

  • One exception to the above: Jonathan is primarily show based because of his heavy divergence.

musenotesverse notes
Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario)

The Mortal Instruments+

- threads
- ships

originally featured on @takeseffort
☆ primary muse. Blended book/show canon, to include Alec as head of the Institute of NY.

Variant verses include:

- Centurion, where Alec's parabatai bond with Jace was forcibly cut with Cortana after his feelings came to light & he was sent to the Scholomance

Fandomless verses include: cat shifter, warlock familiar, biosynthetic (absolute boyfriend inspired)

Fandom verses include: criminal minds, terra nova, hunger games, jurassic world
Andrew Underhill (Steve Byer)

The Mortal Instruments+

- threads
- ships
Fandom verses include: terra nova, pacific rim
Clary Fairchild (Luca Hollestelle)

The Mortal Instruments+

☆ primary muse.

- threads
- ships
currently found on @masterwcrk.
Céline Herondale (Candice King)

Circle Era+

- threads
- ships

Divergent main verse
Variant verses include:

- Head of the Institute, where Céline betrayed the Circle after finding out about Valentine's experimentation on her unborn son. It wasn't fast enough to save Stephen, but it was fast enough to save Jace, & Céline was sent to New York to oversee the Institute alongside the Lightwoods.

Fandomless verses include: neonatal nurse

Fandom verses include: terra nova, hogwarts, grishaverse
Jocelyn Fairchild (Rebecca Ferguson)

Circle Era+

- threads
- ships

low activity, coming soon
coming soon.
Jonathan Morgenstern (Will Tudor)

The Mortal Instruments+

- threads
- ships

Heavily divergent, originally featured on @idumean
☆ primary muse. Some book canon but primarily show based.

Variant verses include:

- prince of edom, where Jonathan was killed upon being sent to Edom & brought back to life in the image of the lightbringer under his mother's very capable hands

Fandomless verses include: professional chef, make up artist, ballet dancer, corrupted persephone, mermaid

Fandom verses include: haunting of hill house/american horror story, terra nova, pacific rim, hogwarts, jurassic world, a song of ice & fire, star wars, grishaverse, various final fantasy, & many others

Stranger Things

musenotesverse notes
Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien)Accepting:

- threads
- ships

Significant divergence post Season Four, episode 1.
Fandomless verses include: ghost hunter, olympic gymnast
Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn)By request:

- threads
- ships

Significant divergence post Season Four.
Fandomless verses include: ghost hunter, dispensery owner
Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery)By request:

- threads
- ships

Significant divergence post Season Three.
Fandomless verses include: ghost hunter, surf instructor


  • all muses written within Arcane canon only - mun has no familiarity with League of Legends as a game, but by the power of wiki & netflix all things are possible

musenotesverse notes

- threads
- ships
Arcane based, headcanon inspired.
JinxBy request:

- threads
- ships
coming soon.

Misc. Fandoms

musenotesverse notes
Andromache the Scythian (Charlize Theron)

The Old Guard

- threads
- ships

divergent before the events of Forces Multipled's ending
Multiple arcs spanning her vast 7000 year canon. Currently, I use her main verse to interact with most other fandoms & fandomless verses.
Anna Valerious (Rebecca Hall)

Van Helsing

- threads
- ships
Variant verses include:

- eternal, where she was successfully turned by Dracula & became a daylighter upon his death. (functions as a crossover compatible vampire/immortal verse, as well)

Fandom verses include: shadowhunter chronicles, grishaverse, a song of ice & fire (2x)
Norah Price (Kristen Stewart)

Underwater (2020)

- threads
- ships
Fandom verses include: pacific rim
TJ Hammond (Sebastian Stan)

Political Animals
By request:

- threads
- ships
College arc available on request

Original muses

musestatuselevator pitch
Ersken Pate (Liam Hemsworth)

Seattle based necromancer

- threads
- ships
primary muse. A necromancer living in Seattle, Ersken can raise the souls of the dead - it's not glorious work, often involving more lawyers than anything, but it pays incredibly well.

Additional fandom verses: Shadowhunter Chronicles, Underworld
Grayson Kepler (Matt Lanter)

New York City based professional chef

- threads
- ships
After spending all of his childhood bouncing around from country to country, Grayson likes to bring his background out in his cooking. Opening the celebrated NYC formal dining experience Coast was the first step - now he has the far less formal cafe Coastal Market, & the food truck Currents.
Évelyne "Evie" Piaf (Adelaide Kane)

technopathic human based in the PNW

- threads
- ships
primary muse. When Evie was very young, the military conducted a search for gifted children nicknamed "Clovers." After finding these special children, each of them were tested & tattooed with the number of leaves 1-4 to represent their power level. After a break in at a military compound, two of the children went missing before they could be tattooed. Now, Evie stays bellow the radar & struggles to understand what she is in this strange world.

Additional fandom verses: The Last of Us (+general apocalypse verse), House of the Dragon

find retired & private muses here.

Private & low activity muses

muses in this area are extremely fickle, selective, or private - please do not follow me if the only muses you are interested in are on this list because I can't promise they'll ever come out to play.

muse notesstatusnotes
Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher)

Star Wars original + sequel trilogy
privatedivergent re: TROS. Additional verses for Pacific Rim & modern fandomless interaction available.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor)

Star Wars prequel through original
privateAdditional fandomless & sequels-compliant verses available.
Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson)

Star Wars prequel trilogy
privatewritten iconless.
Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li)

Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse
privateDivergent after Ruin & Rising.
Matthias Helvar (Calahan Skogman)

Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse
low activityDivergent during Crooked Kingdom. Additional modern/college verse available.
Anika de Vries (Natalie Dormer (in her role as Cressida))

Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse
low activityNiche minor character in canon, expanded with significant headcanoning.
Roeder Bouwman (Alexander Ludwig)

Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse
low activityNiche minor character in canon, expanded with significant headcanoning.
Ash Morgenstern (Ty Simpkins)

Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles
privateThe Dark Artifices+ era, but earlier available with plotting.
柯劍鳴 / Jem Carstairs (iconless)

Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles
privateInfernal Devices+ era. Modern available with plotting, additional fandomless verse also available.
Daphne Blake (Lily Collins)

Scooby Doo
privatepost-canon main verse
Layla Williams (Danielle Panabaker)

Sky High
privatesingle ship to @immortalmuses' Warren Peace
Jules Jones (written iconless)

original character
privateMuse is disabled & based in NYC. Once an Olympic-hopeful surfer, a tragic accident in the waves cut Jules' career short. Now, living nearly five thousand miles from the shores she'd called home all her life, she's adjusting to life as a sculptor in New York City instead.

retired/dropped muses

AsmodeusCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesGodfrey Gao/Jack Yang
Imogen HerondaleCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesMimi Kuzyk
James HerondaleCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesLiam Aiken
Jesse BlackthornCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesJackson Rathbone
Magnus BaneCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesHarry Shum Jr.
Maryse LightwoodCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesNicola Correia-Damude
Seraphina MorgensternCassandra Clare's Shadowhunter ChroniclesKat McNamara
Harley QuinnDCEUMargot Robbie
Jason ToddDC ComicsMatthew Daddario
Claire DearingJurassic WorldBryce Dallas Howard
Geralt of RiviaNetflix The WitcherHenry Cavill
Charlotte FerrimanOriginal museRooney Mara
Newt GeiszlerPacific RimCharlie Day
Dean WinchesterSupernaturalJensen Ackles
Stiles StilinskiTeen WolfDylan O'Brien
Derek HaleTeen WolfTyler Hoechlin

James "Bucky" Barnes.

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameJames Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
D.O.B.March 10, 1917, New York City
Canon statusDivergent
FaceclaimSebastian Stan
Shipping notesbisexual/biromantic, accepting new ships & also platonic/found family dynamics
romantic shippingin his canon verses, I will have a significant preference for muses who are over 30 given the nature of not only his age, but his displacement within the time continuum.

navigation (scroll for bio)

important notes

divergency, post Winter Soldier (2014) instead of disappearing into the city & moving abroad to go underground, Bucky surrendered to what remained of shield, & allowed himself to be brought in so that they could ascertain the extent of the damage hydra had done to him in his time as their asset.during this time, his complicity in the deaths of tony's parents is revealed in a much safer environment, lending to them processing both his actions but also his lack of control or personal agency without him being villianized.Civil War. when someone attempted to frame Barnes for the bombing of the Vienna international centre, the team pulled in close to get to the bottom of what had really happened. given that Barnes, whose whereabouts the press had categorized as unknown to protect & facilitate his recovery, had been strictly monitored & restricted to the new avengers facility in upstate new york, he was easily cleared.delving into everything they could regarding the bombing & working alongside the joint counter terrorist centre, it was soon revealed that Helmut Zemo was responsible, & this realization led the team to the hydra Siberian facility, where they confronted Zemo.Zemo attempted to tear the team apart by revealing the truth behind Howard & Maria stark's deaths, but that information had already been known to the group. when this attempt failed, Zemo reactivated Barnes' dormant programming, leading to an all-out brawl that resulted in the loss of his cybernetic arm before he was contained by the combined efforts of Stark, Steve, & a new ally, T'Challa.

current connections with james barnes

select headcanons & trivia

  • note regarding The Snap: I feel it's fairly integral to my canon to keep Bucky getting snapped, primarily because I have already diverged so wildly from canon. I feel like diverging further would do damage to the progress I have him making, so I will be keeping the Snap canon for most verses.

  • on being left handed: Though naturally left handed, as The Winter Soldier, he was trained & conditioned to be not just functionally ambidextrous, but entirely - to the point that after being fully deprogrammed, it took him a further six months to shake it off & start defaulting to his left again. There will always be the barest hint of hesitation in using it as his dominant hand in intimate situations, but that’s something he’s slowly overcoming with time.

  • therapy & adjustments after Endgame: Bucky sitting down with a mandated therapist not long after the events of The Blip was hardly the first time he was put in a position to unpack his trauma, but it was definitely not the most productive. he had previously started unpacking the bulk of his experiences almost directly after the fall of the Triskelion in 2014, upon being remanded into the Avengers’ custody & choosing to work towards his own healing on his own terms. read more.


main versecanontakes places within the canon MCU universe with the divergencies as described. Currently, I default to Falcon & The Winter Soldier or similar timelines.
ink heartvariantvariant verse compliant with marvel cinematic universe by way of iron man. also functions as an independent modern verse where Bucky works as a tattoo artist & runs a studio & an offbeat gallery. read more.
trauma nursefandomlessThe oldest child in the family, Bucky was the one to take on more than his share of work when his father passed away unexpectedly during an accident while away at Army Basic & left him & Rebecca as orphans. working hard, Bucky used the money he could save away working at the port to put towards school. after a few years of tenuous work/life balance at best, Bucky was able to graduate with a nursing degree. he now works as a trauma nurse at the busiest emergency department in NY - Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center. read more.
shadowhuntersfandomcompliant with the novel series the shadowhunter chronicles, as well as freeform's shadowhunters. general familiarity cross-canon, as well as book & show compliant in terms of plotting. read more.
criminal mindsfandom

plotting required.
as well as other law enforcement plots & aus. Bucky works as a technical Analyst for the FBI at Quantico, largely assisting the international response team, but occasionally handling case overload for the red cell & primary dispatch teams. read more.
pacific rimfandomBucky is a former ranger out of the Hong Kong shatterdome. After losing his partner in a freak accident that also heavily damaged his arm, he mostly works as a fightmaster until an emergency puts him back in the cockpit. read more.
terra novafandomafter working private security in the domes within the vestiges of manhattan, he got the announcement that he'd been chosen for the lottery. it was a stroke of luck, or so he thought - turns out, colony security is a little more nuanced than the streets of 2149. read more.

Tony Stark

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameAnthony "Tony" Edward Stark
D.O.B.May 29, 1970
LocationVarious, frequently NYC or Malibu.
FaceclaimRobert Downey Jr.
Shipping notesbisexual/biromantic, accepting new ships & found family/platonic dynamics
romantic shippingin his canon verses, I will have a significant preference for muses who are over 30 given the nature of his age at the end of Avengers; Endgame.
pre-established / canon dynamicsI do not automatically assume Pepperony or the inclusion of Morgan Stark, so we're more than welcome to build something divorced from canon!


important notes

divergency, post Iron Man 3, Tony never had the arc reactor removed.divergency, Age of Ultron. after the Ultron offensive, stark retired from active duty, still haunted by his role in the chaos the a.i. created. in an effort to combat that guilt, stark assisted heavily in the rehabilitation of James Barnes, spending less time tweaking his own armor & more time helping deprogram the former prisoner of war while providing useful upgrades & modifications to the titanium arm hydra had furnished the soldier was during this time he learned about the other's role in his parents' deaths because of hydras orders. though he was hurt, & angry, tony was able to process this information within the safety of his own home & on his own terms, finally recognizing hydra's guilt.when someone attempted to frame barnes for the bombing of the Vienna international centre, the team pulled in close to get to the bottom of what had really happened. given that barnes, whose whereabouts the press had categorized as unknown to protect & facilitate his recovery, had been strictly monitored & restricted to the new avengers facility in upstate New York, he was easily cleared by tony's ai system's verification of his whereabouts.after the events at the HYDRA Siberian facility, Stark returned to new york to become a mentor to spider-man & to guide him in order to make him a better hero than he ever was.

current connections with tony stark


main versecanontakes places within the canon MCU universe with the divergencies as described.
pacific rimfandomTony works as a scientist studying kaiju patterns at the hong kong shatterdome after witnessing the original k-day when trespasser first passed through the breach in 2014.
final fantasy x/x-2fandomPrior to the destruction of Home by the Guado, Tony was one of the Al Bhed working under Cid’s leadership on Bikanel Island. Growing up within the Al Bhed’s nomadic lifestyle, Tony grew curious of the history of their people - why they couldn’t use magic while other races in Spira could, & why their people alone dug in deep to the machina that Yevon had forbidden.
the matrixfandomcoming soon.

Brock Rumlow

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameAndreas Provenzano
Alias"Brock Rumlow"
D.O.B.June 8, 1973
LocationWashington D.C., or New York City.
FaceclaimFrank Grillo
Shipping notesI write Brock as bi-romantic & bisexual with a preference towards women in both cases. Make no mistake, he can & will ship himself, same day shipping, with male muses, but it's something that can & does take him a little more time to warm up to.
romantic shipping within his main verseas of 2023, brock is 50 within his canon verse. as such, he has a preference to ship with muses over 35, & will not ship with muses under 30.


important notes

divergency, you will find the complete outline of this muse's divergence here.please keep in mind this muse is entirely divergent from his actual canon, & that I have crafted his canon from the ground up since I started writing him in 2014. I'm aware it's incredibly dense, & a lot to take in, so I'm more than happy to go over the basics while plotting, however I will be very firm in having it respected as I do not follow follow canon affiliation with hydra & neither does any facet of this muse.this muse does not acknowledge, much less follow, his 616 canon.

current connections with brock rumlow

unless plotted otherwise

  • captain marvel variant: all references to Carol Danvers mean my own

  • pacific rim: find the list of referenced muses here.

  • the old guard: all references to Andromache mean my own. Clary will also occasionally be referenced.

  • jurassic world: Jonathan Morgenstern will be referenced as the owner of Morgenstern Global (the park's owner group) & Alec Lightwood as senior asset manager for the park

  • terra nova: Alec Lightwood is referenced as the head of Site II

select headcanons & trivia

  • coming soon


main versecanonafter doing his time & grinding out a career as one of the navy's top seals, brock rumlow was thrown on the radar of the cia's special activities division's special operations group for tactical paramilitary operations. he was allowed to be cross-recruited to shield in an effort to take up the mantle of strike commander & root out what was suspected to be a parasitic infiltration happening right under shield's nose. timeline.
captain marvelvariantcalled in to assist with the joint shield/us air force project pegasus, brock was exposed to the energy of the tesseract alongside carol danvers via the destruction of the light-speed engine, & obtained cosmic powers. they were both made into a kree-human hybrid via the blood transfusion from yon-rogg after being taken back to hala & having their old memories removed so that they could become the kree's weapons & members of starforce.
mugshots bakery cafefandomlessalternate universe where Brock owns & runs the bakery cafe Mugshots.
shadowhuntersfandomonce, he was one of the clave's elite centurion, a warrior above the rest who could go toe-to-toe with any demon. training like that made him a target, & it cost him... everything. after losing his wife during a mission gone very, very wrong, andreas highmercy disappeared from idris. that was ten years ago. now he works as a cafe owner in new york city under the name brock rumlow, & his life as a shadowhunter was an entire lifetime ago.
criminal mindsfandomleader of the behavioral analysis unit’s rapid response team, brock is the leader of a ragtag team of profilers & former special forces individuals hand selected to the team for their unique abilities & ability to work under pressure. working both all over the us, & occasionally abroad, brock’s team primarily tracks & investigates human trafficking & assassination attempts, as well as suspected terrorism.
the purgefandomfollowing the tragic loss of his wife & young son on the night of the purge several years earlier, brock is an emt - one of the rare volunteers who stalks the streets on the night of the bloodbath in one of the armored but vulnerable triage vans, treating the injured. he’s got nothing to lose, & nothing keeping him in the safety of his apartment on a night like this. but he has a whole host of guilt, & carries a pain he can’t let go of. each life he saves, he feels the vice loosen a bit. but don’t for a moment think he won’t lash out if provoked. the purge is kill, or be killed, after all.
pacific rimfandomnow working as a Shatterdome Marshal, Brock was originally given an experimental serum fusion that keeps the worst of the symptoms of his radiation poisoning at bay while he works towards ending the war between humans & the Kaiju.
hogwartsfandomauror. professor at hogwarts; defense against the dark arts. he retired from his work as an auror in 2005, electing to take the post of defense against the dark arts professor at his alma mater. now he works as a professor and the head of house for slytherin.
hunger gamesfandomalways a soldier. brock rumlow was born in the dark to a family that was little more than a functioning unit within the greater structure of district 13. his mother was one of the teachers in the underground district. he, like his father, became a soldier. life is a set of schedules dictated by the temporary tattoo he receives every morning. mostly it’s busy-work. meals, training, weapon maintenance, command, family down time. any free time he has, he tends to spend helping in the weapons development sector, or volunteering in medical.
pokémon rehabberfandomafter ending a military mission with a smaller buddy stowing away in his pack, Brock retired from the forces & opened a regional rehab center. after accumulating quite a few grants, his rehab center is one of the most advanced of its kind with various specialized areas for all the different kinds of pokémon that fall into his care.
star warsfandomverse is based off of Brock's captain marvel variant verse. Brock elected to stay on earth to study the effects of the energy of the tesseract. during one of the tests conducted at The Lighthouse, an equipment failure triggered a meltdown event & an unstable portal was opened right under brock's feet shortly before further equipment failure triggered an explosion. When he woke up, he was no longer on Earth - instead, he was picked up by a ship & taken to the Chiss Ascendency.
game of thronesfandomborn in 362, in braavos, he was raised in the household of a keyholder trading family of the iron bank. because of his size and incomparable skill for subtle but effective brutality, the head of the family took notice of him at an early age and funded his tutelage for swordsmanship, and other forms of fighting as his affinity for these arts began to emerge. in exchange, when he came of age, he was contracted to the iron bank itself.
the last of usfandomcoming soon
stranger thingsfandom

also has crossover compatability with Stephen King's IT with slight location tweaks.
coming soon

timeline of events



  • Born: Andrea Provenzano, June 8, 1973, to Anna Vittoria Provenzavo, neé Riina.

  • He would grow up in a small apartment in Manhattan's Lower East, but most of the files regarding his childhood are heavily redacted.

  • He has no contact with his birth father, one Bernardo Provenzano, nor his maternal grandfather, one Salvatore Riina.

1980 - 1988

TW for sexual assault, abuse, & drug use/mentions

  • From ages 7 to 15, Brock was sexually abused in a manner of ways by his step father. Whether or not his mother was fully aware of this at the time is unknown, but his step father's tendency to become violent when intoxicated coupled with existing drug & alcohol abuse, the lack of confrontation is hardly surprising.

  • It was within this period, as well, that he started abusing drugs & alcohol himself. Because he had access to this at home via his step father, it was more than easy to fall into a pattern of addiction.

  • There's some suspicion that his Naval career was kickstarted because he was given a choice of jail, or joining up. Regardless, the start of his Naval career coincides with the end of his addiction.

  • His step-dad disappeared one night shortly after Brock's 15th birthday when he went out to buy beer. By the time his step-son came home from work, Anna Vittoria was already concerned. A police report was eventually filed, but there were no leads.



  • At the urging of a high school guidance counselor who could see the damage his home life was doing him, Brock enrolled in a new & controversial program sponsored by a revolutionary public high school's collaborative efforts with New York University, catapulting him beyond regular curriculum by the time he was in the 9th grade.

  • This meant getting up early, & getting home late. Even after his step-father went missing, Brock continued with the program.



  • because of this choice & his own sheer stubbornness, he had completed requirements for graduation as well as an associates by the time he had finished 11th grade. instead of completing the second half of his junior year & continuing onto his senior year, he opted to enroll in nyu full-time.

  • he graduated NYU with a B.A. in international relations, & minor in national security studies.

  • Pushing through, he completed the program in record time & used many of his credits to qualify for an additional certification in counter terrorism.


  • Brock joined the Navy in ’90, immediately after graduation, and pushed himself hard enough that by the end of ’91, he was an esteemed member of a small class of Navy SEALs, joining Naval Special Warfare Development Group/DEVGRU.

  • He took the name Brock Rumlow during this time, after an instructor who relentlessly pushed him to be better & a college professor who had shown more faith in him than he'd had in himself.

concurrent MCU & current affairs events


Promotion to O-2, Lieutenant, Junior Grade

  • Brock was promoted to O-2, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, shortly before his involvement in combat activities during the Battle of Mogadishu.


Military duties

  • Took part in his first major duties, including the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, which took place in late ‘93 during the Somali Civil War.


Promotion to O-3, Lieutenant

  • This took place shortly after his return from Somalia.

DEVGRU & falling onto the CIA's radar

  • Originally fronted as a member of the Red Squadron (Assault Team), his actual role was one of a little over a hundred members of the covert Black Squadron (Reconnaissance & Surveillance Team). This information is known only to four individuals: Vice Admiral Joseph D. Kernan, Rear Admiral Edward G. Winters, III, Nick Fury, & Maria Hill.

  • It was his time on the Black Squadron that caught the attention of the CIA's Special Activities Division's Special Operations Group for tactical paramilitary operations.

  • His being scouted was additionally direct result of his fringe but effective involvement in the events preceding the Battle of Tora Bora in Afghanistan (which would peak later in 2001).



  • his step father was declared legally dead after being missing for seven years, & the family was allowed to collect his life insurance, which Anna used to improve & otherwise update the family restaurant.


  • Between deployments to the Middle East, the Navy received a special request from the S.H.I.E.L.D. station in Bogotá to have a person on hand to monitor & assist with a growing situation.

  • Given that the bulk of his team was either overseas or recovering from duty, Brock volunteered.

  • He landed in Bogotá during the last week of March, setting up under Deputy Chief of the station, one Nicholas Fury, whom he'd work closely with to monitor the ongoing situation.


  • May 5th: Alexander Pierce is in State Department in Bogotá when ELN rebels take the embassy. Security get Pierce out, but the rebels take hostages. Fury goes to Pierce with a plan that had been brainstormed between him & Rumlow for extraction - wanting to storm the building through the sewers. Pierce says no, insisting that they negotiate.

  • Fury ignores the direct order & carries out an unauthorized military operation on foreign soil, rescuing the hostages - a dozen political offers, including Pierce's daughter.

  • Pierce attempts negotiation, but ELN refuse, & put out a kill order. They storm the basement, but find it empty. Pierce is relieved that Fury defied him, as it meant the hostages were saved, whereas otherwise they would have been killed, including his daughter.

  • Brock leaves Bogotá with a letter of commendation & notes of distinction both from Diplomat Pierce & Deputy Chief Fury. Fury makes a note to keep an eye on the young officer, & then moves to California following a promotion from Pierce.


Military duties

  • took part in Operation Desert Strike in September of 1996.



  • Promotion to O-4, Lieutenant Commander


Tora Bora

  • December 17th, 2001: The Battle of Tora Bora (تورا بورا). SAD/SOG tracked down Osama bin Laden in the rugged mountains near the Khyber Pass.

  • Despite the operation being largely ineffectual, his personal efforts & command effort to set up the operation as a whole were taken into account & later used as a basis for his recruitment.

  • US forces stayed in the area until January 2002.


January / February

  • Brock officially transitions from full active duty with the Navy SEALs to working on loan to the CIA under the CIA's Special Activities Division Special Operations Group - a division with less than one hundred operatives.

  • He's implanted with a modified L-Pill, a small capsule under his left molar that can be dislodged in the event he's compromised.


  • Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld signs a classified order authorizing extended clandestine operations

  • Note: The secret order, authorized by the then-president, gave the military new authority to attack the Qaeda terrorist network anywhere in the world, and a more sweeping mandate to conduct operations in countries not at war with the United States.


  • John Garret returns to Wyoming for Grant Ward. SHIELD is alerted of this, having kept Ward on its own index after his disappearance in '99.

  • Fury officially makes a request for a high level operative transfer from the CIA's Special Activities Division Special Operations Group to oversee & orchestrate an infiltration of a suspected parasitic organization having formed within SHIELD.

  • Specifically, he requests the young agent he had kept tabs on nearly ten years ago.



  • Note: his work with HYDRA is a deep cover operation overseen jointly by his commanding officer at SAC, & Fury.

  • Brock is largely unsupervised because of the nature of the deep cover, but his loyalty is unquestionably to SHIELD, & I will not negotiate on this.

  • His job is to hunt N*zis, & turn the suspected parasitic organization within SHIELD over to the high command to be dealt with.


  • Starts working with SHIELD in the capacity of STRIKE Commander, & starts his work infiltrating HYDRA. He re-introduces himself to Secretary Pierce, reminding him of their work in Bogotá, & thanking him for the letter of commendation.

  • Pierce starts keeping tabs on Rumlow, monitoring his potential to be recruited to HYDRA.

  • Starts up a casual relationship with level 6 agent Rebecca Stevens as part of his cover.

Kate Kane

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameKatherine "Kate" Rebecca Kane
D.O.B.January 26, 1990
LocationGotham City
ReligionJewish (vegan preference, otherwise strictly kosher)
StatusDivergent (blended canon)
FaceclaimRuby Rose
Shipping notesFull tilt lesbian, accepting new ships & found family/platonic dynamics
Romantic shippingGiven Kate is a lesbian, & has no documented canon of questioning her sexuality or experimenting with boys, I will only explore wlw dynamics with her
Additional notesIn some verses, there will be a reference to her adopted daughter, Annie. This is the only child dynamic I'm acknowledging with Kate at this time.


important notes

blended canon. the daughter of jacob kane & the late gabi kane, Kate has left a string of broken hearts in her wake ever since she left the United States to train abroad following being expelled from West Point Military Academy after she & then-girlfriend Sophie Moore were found in a compromising situation.Studying abroad for six years, Kate returned to Gotham to rescue Sophie after the latter was taken hostage by the Wonderland Gang. In confronting the mysterious Alice, Kate came face to face with a mystery over ten years in the making - what had happened to her twin sister when she had disappeared all those years ago.Taking up the mantle of Batwoman upon realizing her absent cousin Bruce's secret, Kate now patrols the streets in his place.important notes on portrayal: While I take heavy influence (including FC) from the CW's Batwoman, I'm heavily critical of the series - especially choices made in later seasons - so outside of select events & additions in the first season, Kate will generally be written as comic based.

current connections with kate kane


main versecanontakes places within season one of the CW's Batwoman, with influence from the New 52 comic run, among others.
crows securityvariantAfter realizing Sophie had signed the statement at Point Rock, Kate reluctantly swallowed her pride & did the same, enabling herself to graduate but at the cost of her relationship with Sophie entirely. After six years in the army, she came home & accepted her father's offer at the end of s1e1 to become a member of crows security under... interesting circumstances. read more.
wonderland (addiction cw)variant.

plotting required.
three years after being thrown out of Point Rock, Kate's past caught back up to her. Running into Dodgson in Estonia, Kate was cornered & held captive by The Wonderland Gang. Three years later, Kate would surface again in Gotham under a new name & a new face - the wonderland gang's very own Cheshire Cat, & she wants revenge on the people she believes ruined her life; The Crows. read more.
food truckfandomless

default for AUs.
Kate runs a trendy vegan food truck parked near restaurant row. Sourcing from local suppliers, she's carved out a name for herself & established herself as a human culinary hurricane. It's been nice to get out of her comfort zone, but some days it's also nice to have a place she can call home. read more.


shadowhuntersfandomAfter being turned by a vampire several centuries ago, the former Centurion finds herself swept up in institute politics all over again - but this time, from a different perspective. Oh no, now she's debating policy from the other side of the aisle as the new head of the New York vampire clan. read more.
criminal mindsfandomAfter swallowing her pride & signing the denial, Kate graduated from West Point & went on to serve in the US Army. She would serve overseas for several years before an incident at a US embassy earned her a medical discharge, & she came home to work with her father's security firm. When she realized she could never heal in the space that had all but broken her, an old friend tipped her off to a job opening at the BAU. she left Gotham three weeks later to start as a field agent at Quantico. read more.
sailor moonfandomguardian & keeper of the holy land of stars & the eternal cycle, Kate watches over the Galaxy Cauldron. She overseas the birth of each Senshi, & she welcomes them home when their time in their world is done. read more.
star warsfandomAn interstellar archeologist with an expert knowledge of droids & weapons technologies, Kate has a particular interest in ancient weapons, Jedi artifacts, & pretty women. based on Doctor Aphra. read more.

Loki Laufeyson

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameLoki Laufeyson
AliasGod of Mischief
D.O.B.965 A.D.
FaceclaimTom Hiddleston
Shipping notesPansexual/panromantic, accepting new ships & found family/platonic dynamics.
romantic shippingOverall, I have a significant preference for muses who are over 30 given the nature of his age being over a thousand years old even in his fandomless verses.
NOTPsSylki, Slyvie/Loki. No shade, I just see them as a strong brotp instead.


important notes

significant divergence following the events of Thor; The Dark World.Instead of returning to Asgard under the guise of Odin, Loki left all that he knew behind, choosing instead to wander the nine realms & find answers & atonement in his own way, but most importantly, on his own time. He carries the guilt of his mother's death heavily on his shoulders, & it's not until the events of Thor; Ragnarok that he re-encounters his brother.

current connections with loki


main versecanonthis verse follows the plot & events outlined in his full biography, diverging after the events of Thor; The Dark World.
1930s - 1940svariantthis verse follows the plot & events outlined in his full biography, but set within the niche timeline of 1930s-1940s, when Loki was under minor self-exile to Midgard.
shadowhuntersfandomAfter discovering his true parentage & realizing he was no longer bound to Asgard due to his Jotun blood, Loki now spends much of his time between the various realms within Midgard itself - with a specific inclination towards many of those related to the Fae. While the Clave may view him as a Downworlder, as some sort of warlock, he is not... though he is more than content to allow them to continue to believe it.
the old guardfandomcoming soon, based on his birth year of 935 CE

Pepper Potts


NameVirginia "Pepper" Potts
D.O.B.December 16
LocationMalibu, CA & New York City, NY
StatusCanon variant
FaceclaimAlexandra Breckenridge
Shipping notesBisexual/biromantic, accepting new ships & found family/platonic dynamics.
romantic shippingI don't automatically assume romantic shipping with Tony Stark - we can definitely plot things out!


important notes

coming soon.

current connections with pepper potts

  • Nancy Wheeler (@alteredcanon), aka best assistant. MCU canon variant.

  • Diana Prince (@ofcatnaps), aka the most interesting museum curator. main canon.

  • Natasha Romanov (@ofcatnaps), main canon.


main verse; who's the hot mess now?canonIn an alternate timeline of the marvel multiverse, Tony died due to palladium poisoning in 2010 & Pepper Potts was forced to step up to the plate in his stead. Relying on JARVIS & a host of allies, Pepper has taken up the mantle of Rescue full time while trying to steer the direction of STARK Industries from the helm. It's a balancing act, but she's had years of practice.

note: I play this verse as Pepper has crossed over into the MCU unless we want to plot otherwise - she can also cross over into other variants' verses for kicks if needed.
pre-canon; are those bullet holes?canonPre-canon verse covering everything leading up to her timeline Tony's death in 2010/the events of Iron Man 2.
MCU compliant; tears of joy; I hate job huntingvariantVerse compliant with the bulk of the MCU.
hollywood producer; run that by me again?fandomlesscoming soon. currently spearheads a ghost hunters reality series. slight reference to a rivalry with the much younger Kaz & his Bachelor vibes.
star wars; chancellorfandomcoming soon. sequel era compliant.
terra nova; colony 1 leaderfandomcoming soon.
the last of us; compound leaderfandomcoming soon. oversees The Lighthouse, a research QZ on Lake Ontario.

Sabé / Tsabin Amidala

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameTsabin, family surname unknown
AKASabé Amidala
D.O.B.46 BBY
FaceclaimKeira Knightley
Shipping notessapphically inclined bisexual biromantic, accepting new ships!
romantic shippingSabé has a strong sapphic inclination, & as such has had far less experience with masc. aligned individuals, but that does not mean she is disinterested - it just may require a smidge more plotting for her to notice feelings developing. ... She is, in a word, dense.


important notes

  • canon compliant, to include E.K. Johnston's Queen trilogy & the most recent Vader run.

  • Small exception for divergency during Queen's Hope; I give Sabé a little more flexibility regarding returning as Padmé's face double -- she would, if Padmé asked, but she is still significantly hurt at Padmé's deception regarding Anakin so she will still ask for some amount of distance after the fact instead of more or less walking away in entirety.

current connections with sabé amidala

headcanons & lore

  • Sabé didn't find out about Padmé's marriage to Anakin from Padmé herself - this is a fractious topic between the two of them, & Sabé does hold some amount of private resentment & pain over this.

  • Sabé never had a room to herself until after Padmé became a senator & her services as a handmaiden were no longer routinely needed. Even then, she finds herself sharing space with others in spaceship bunks, or even her own apartment because the idea of being truly alone is a bit new to her. She's adjusting, & she finds she likes it though.


main versecanonfollows the canon established in the prequel trilogy through the end of Revenge of the Sith, as well as acknowledging the canon of E.K. Johnston's Queen Trilogy. read more.
post canoncanonfollows the canon leading up to & established in the 2020 Darth Vader comic run, following Sabé & Captain Tonra's investigation into the death of Padmé Amidala. read more.
senator & queenvariantThey had their whole lives ahead of them, or at least that's what they had thought. Caught unawares at a pivotal moment, Sabé had to watch as her queen was cut down. she had once thought she would give anything to protect her queen & her legacy. she hadn't thought that would include her life. read more.
jedi padawanvariantcoming soon.

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron


NamePoe Dameron
ALIASBlack Leader
LocationYavin 4, various
FaceclaimOscar Isaac + comics
Shipping notesomnisexual/panromantic, always accepting new ships & platonic connections
Romantic shippingWhile it's not significant enough to warrant a full note of being demi-romantic, Poe does have strong tendencies in that direction. He's more likely to jump into bed than into a relationship.
NOTPsDamerey, because I let a crack headcanon get away from me & now I cannot unsee them as siblings. It makes it weird.


important notes

canon divergence. in 18 aby, at the age of 16, poe left home to work alongside the remnants of the Amidalans. originally, the Amidalans had been a resistance group founded by Sabé, former handmaiden to Queen Amidala, & Captain Tonra of the Royal Naboo security forces following Amidala's death.Following the Amidalan's confrontation with Vader on Polis Massa & the aftermath, the group found its original purpose winding down. Now, under a new generation of leadership, they targeted those who transported slaves under the guise of being living cargo, liberating them & ensuring their freedom - no matter the cost.coming on as a pilot, Poe honed his skills attacking & raiding cargo transports, ensuring the safety of everyone as they moved them out of Chrome Citadel & Nal Hutta. He stayed with them for several years before moving on to join the New Republic Defense Fleet as a pilot.

current connections with poe dameron

headcanons & lore

  • Poe’s flight jacket is specifically is an older style that had once been common in the rebellion & has since be repurposed for his time in the Resistance - largely because the jacket itself once belonged to his father. it’s for this reason that the jacket is actually marginally large on his frame & fits Finn more precisely.

  • Poe has low grade yet pervasive chronic pain from repeat emergency ejections & blasts taken in his x-wing. It’s not something he’ll acknowledge readily, or own up to in any capacity really at all, but it IS a reality he has to live with & it affects him in varying bursts of intensity. (read more).

  • In his modern verses, BB-8 takes the form of a rescue airedale terrier Poe has had since he was 27. (read more).


main versecanonfollows the canon established in the prequel trilogy through the end of The Rise of Skywalker, as well as acknowledging most the canon established in his comic run, Poe Dameron; Free Fall, with some divergence.
first ordervariantthey were supposed to win the war. everything had been in play, & then the rise of the Final Order had finally snuffed out the spark for good. Now, in a last ditch effort to combat the rise of the Sith & curb their power, Poe finds himself allied with the very people he'd gone up against so many times in the past, & he doesn't even have that spark left to be upset about it. read more.
pornstar (ret.)fandomless

plotting required.
once one of the highest grossing actors in the industry, Poe considers himself retired from the industry in favor of working behind the camera instead. Even so, as the founder & head of one of the most competitive ethical pornography studios in the business it's not like he'd call himself camera shy. read more.
pacific rimfandomPoe Dameron was eight years old the day his mother was killed. She went out in a blaze of glory, leaving behind her husband & her son. Poe would fight his way through the ranks, heading to the Jaeger academy & blowing his way through the Kwoon Combat Room to take his place among the rangers with the most unlikely co-pilot - his younger, even more feisty sister. together, they're unstoppable... when they can stop bickering over things for more than five minutes. (alt. plotting available for Reys.)
the matrixfandomcoming soon.

Leia Organa

Leia Organa Solo Skywalker


NameLeia Skywalker Organa Solo
D.O.B.19 BBY, Polis Massa
LocationAlderaan, Chandrila, various
FaceclaimSpace Mom
Shipping notesBisexual biromantic, selectively accepting new ships & always accepting platonic connections
Romantic shippingLeia's default ship will always be Han, given the intense & complicated feelings involved there, but I am open to exploring new ships with plotting - especially with Amilyn Holdo


important notes

  • canon compliant. I'm familiar with both the Original Trilogy, the comics & supplemental novels surrounding her canon, & the Sequel trilogy + will pull from all of the above as needed.

  • At this time, I do take some issue with the handling of Vader's legacy being kept from Ben because it feels like a slap in the face after how much attention was given to how betrayed she felt with her own parents keeping secrets from her.

  • In light of this, I typically will refer to my own Ben's divergency more often unless plotting & writing otherwise with other Ben Solo/Kylo Ren RPers.

current connections with leia organa

select headcanons & lore

  • coming soon


original trilogycanonopen for canon interaction & default for Original Trilogy muse interaction. follows the canon established through the end of Return of the Jedi.
sequel trilogycanonFollows the canon established in the sequel trilogy through the end of The Rise of Skywalker. (read more.)
modern senatorfandomlessLeia is a senator from Virginia. Adopted as an infant, Leia was raised by Bail Organa & his wife Breha. Though both born of & raised by a senator in an environment deeply influenced by ongoing conflict & war, Breha raised Leia to cherish peace, just as her own mother had raised her. (some influence of the TV show, Madame Secretary.) (read more.)
pacific rimfandomFormer general in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps., she formerly oversaw the Anchorage Shatterdome. Now a Marshal, Leia works in the Hong Kong Shatterdome with the other Marshals & Rangers trying to stop the Apocalypse.

Ben Solo-Organa

Ben Solo


NameBen Solo
D.O.B.5 ABY, Hanna City, Chandrila.
StatusHeavily divergent
FaceclaimAdam Driver
Shipping notesyou may see Reylo content on this blog infrequently - however, I will not generally ship Rey within Ben's canon-aligned/kylo verses, as I find that dynamic a touch uncomfortable personally.
Romantic shippingOpen & accepting new dynamics


important notes

heavily divergent. the heir to the Skywalker bloodline, Solo possessed raw strength in the force & had the potential for limitless power. Originally targeted by Snoke, Ben eventually revealed the presence of this mysteriousvoice to his uncle, the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, & how it kept coaxing him away from the light down a path of deep darkness & isolation.Luke would finally talk to him about the Skywalker bloodline, & the legacy it carried with it - easing that sense of isolation while acknowledging his own doubts & concerns. Knowing his apprentice was being targeted by something sinister, but not knowing the source, Luke began teaching him advance techniques to help him shield himself & his mind, as well as how to distance himself from the Force as a last resort defense should something arise from this presence.This would eventually come to a head years later, when Luke experienced a vision of what would come to pass should the darkness take his nephew-turned-apprentice. In the early, pre-dawn hours following that vision, there was an explosion that brought down the entire hut, seemingly resulting in the death of the once-prodigy. Twenty-three year old Ben Organa-Solo would be buried, & mourned, his presence lost in the force to all because of a tragic accident.or at least - that would be the official story, with the truth only known to the master that packed his apprentice into a t-65b x-wing with coordinates known only to the the young boy piloting, the droid R2-D2, & Lor San Tekka.

current connections with ben solo

select headcanons & lore

  • coming soon


maincanonthis verse follows ben's highly divergent biography meeting up again with canon for the events of the sequel trilogy after spending six years in self-imposed exile on Ahch-To. read more.
prince of alderaanvariant

high activity verse
following in the footsteps of his mother & her adoptive mother before him, ben faced his Day of Demand on his sixteenth birthday & stepped into his role as Prince of Alderaan officially. His trials would be both different & eerily similar to his mother, as he stared down inevitable confrontation with the First Order as she had many years before with the empire. read more.
special ops.fandomlessafter several successful tours of duty under the Marine Raider regiment, the principal combat component of MARSOC, highly decorated US Marine Ben Solo disappeared from public life altogether & now, on paper at least, the son of one of the most notorious senators is considered missing in action on paper. in practice, it's a little more complicated than that. ( CIA special ops paramilitary agent.) read more.

private verse.
after a career-ending injury cut his time in the Marine Corps short, Ben returned home to the states to work through physical therapy & re-find himself in the world. It started as a volunteer gig with another former corpsmen, but Ben found himself thriving the more he worked with the ladder & when he finished his time with pt, he applied & landed a place on Ladder 20 in New York City.
pacific rimfandomThe son of a marshal & former ranger, Ben's path was pretty evident from the get-go. Growing up in the Anchorage Shatterdome, Ben rose through the ranks of rangers absurdly fast owing to his penchant for raw brutality but stalled out at placement for the fact that placing him with a copilot has proved to be difficult, at best. There are few who can match him, much less drift with him, after all.
the matrixfandomcoming soon


Andromache the Scythian


AliasThe Scythian
D.O.B.Approx. 4700 BCE
FaceclaimCharlize Theron
Shipping notesAndromache is heavily anhedonic, so while she'll engage in casual sex at the drop of a hat, coaxing her into anything lasting will take significant work.
Romantic shippingdue to Andromache being almost 7,000 years old, I have a semi-strict preference for older muses when shipping with her.


important notes

  • divergent from the events of The Old Guard; Forces Multiplied, in that I don't have Andy being abandoned by the group following Noriko's divisive tactics.

  • Familiar with all comic lore &the Netflix series.

affiliated/referenced muses

current connections with andy

select headcanons & lore

  • over 573 languages are estimated to have gone extinct in Andy's lifetime, & she can theoretically speak all of them given she became fluent in the root languages of all modern languages many, many centuries ago. This means there are very few modern languages she cannot comprehend outside of a few language isolates.

  • Andy both loves & hates technology's rapid advancement - especially over the last few decades alone. She had to be coerced into trading in her flip phone for a touch screen & even before that they had to pry her pager out of her cold, dead hands. Despite her reticence to adopt new technology, though, she learns exceptionally fast - she's just tired.

  • She claims to only ever have owned the one axe - originally forged for her by her mother. It's had replacements & improvements over the millennia, but to her it's still the same axe. (Even if the current form is spot-welded tempered steel.)


maincanonFollows the events immediately leading up to the discovery of the first new immortal in over two hundred years & running through to the end of the first movie's approximate timeline (6mo after). timeline.
pre-canoncanonFollows any part of her life from her first death until the events of the Netlix moving, excluding those specifically set in her Valentinois era verse below. read more.
valentinoiscanonFollows any threads set during the era of the Italian city-state wars while Andromache worked alone as head of security to Cesare Borgia.
canon swapvariantFollows an inversion of canon where Andy was the one thrown overboard instead of Noriko/Quynh. Dark & triggering content present in verse. read more.

timeline of events

note :: anything noted in this color indicates reference to my own muse, or affiliates

4700 BCE

  • born into part of a nomadic tribe in the pontic–caspian steppe, Andy never thought for a moment that she might be anything different from the rest of her people; she'd live, & die alongside them. she was killed by the woman who she looked up to as a mother when the other became threatened by her youth & her talent.

  • killing her triggered Andromache's immortality, & she rose again, striking down the other in her place. she lead her people for several centuries after as a warrior queen, worshipped by some as a god.

  • she would leave her people circa 3300 BCE to spend thousands of years roaming the earth learning, teaching, & fighting her way through in the hopes of finding someone else like herself - another immortal who might share the burden of this eternity.

1300s BCE

  • Andy starts dreaming of Quynh/Noriko.

  • During this time, she acts as a temple guard for the Oracle of Delphi -- a position she would retain in various forms until a century before the conquest of Judea.

331/332 BCE

  • during Alexander the Great's Conquest of Judea, she found Lykon. He would travel with her as a two person private army & lending their swords to whatever causes they felt worthy.

641 (CE)

  • they met Quynh while riding with Amir Ibin al-As against the Byzantine empire in Alexandria, Egypt, at a treaty signing. The three would then travel together as their own private army, crossing the continents together.

1096 - 1099 & the First Crusades

  • Two new immortals emerge in the carnage; Nicolo of Genoa, a young knight who had left the priesthood behind, & Yusuf Ibrahim al-Kaysani, the scion of a merchant trading family from Maghrib, who met trying to kill each other during the siege of Jerusalem.

Late 1300s

  • After 200 or so years of searching, the Guard is finally whole as the trio finally meet Nicky & Joe & end the dream cycle.


  • The Death of Lykon: Lykon, the first immortal Andy had found in her long life, & the one who had been one of her most constant companions, would become the first of them to fall during the City-State Wars of Italy - an end he seemed ready to accept long before the others were.

  • Andy would separate out from the Guard during this time & offer her services to Cesare Borgia. After his death in 1507, she returned to the rest of the Guard to see out the end of the Hapsburg-Valois Wars through 1559.

1559 to 1660

  • in the aftermath, & finally processing the realization that there was a limit to their immortality, Andy & Quynh were captured while trying to free women caught in the tide of religious hysteria.

  • after rescuing a group of women about to be burned as witches, the two were hung by the neck. When death would not take them, it was seen as confirmation of their heretical agenda. If they could not die... then the priests believed a more fitting prison was required.

  • Quynh was separated from Andy, imprisoned in an iron maiden, & cast overboard into the sea south of the Horn of Africa.

  • Andy was saved by Nicky & Joe before she could face the same fate, & they spent decades searching for anyone on the ship, or their survivors who might be able to tell them where Quynh was cast off but to no avail.

Late 1700s - 1812

  • After a long dormancy period, the Guard starts dreaming of a returning face & makes for Regency England.

  • Andy stays in London until the season winds down for the summer & dreams of a new immortal start, reluctantly leaving their old friend behind to live out her mortal life.

June 1812

  • Sébastien Lelivre (Booker), a convicted forger, was killed for attempted desertion of the Napoleonic Army during its invasion of Russia. Booker would be the last immortal Andy would find for some time.

  • His intellect & adaptability is what helped the team find new direction, & it was with Booker that Andy faced the 20th century with some sense of purpose - the immortals became true guns for hire.


  • With the rise of a new immortal - the USMC Nile Freeman, killed in Afghanistan, Andy comes face to face with the modern reality that the old tips & tricks for sticking to the shadows no longer apply - the world is a much smaller place, & there are less places for them to hide.

  • Additionally, the Guard might yet see the return of another familiar face - Quynh has found her way to the surface, & she's hell bent on revenge - starting with those who abandoned her.

Anna Valerious

Anna Valerious


NameAnna Valerious
LocationTransylvania, Romania
FaceclaimRebecca Hall
Shipping notesbiromantic/bisexual
Romantic shippingDue to the time period she originates from, & was raised in, Anna believes herself to be heterosexual, but is probably closer to bi, & her approach to discovering her own feelings will reflect that.


important notes

  • divergent from the ending of Van Helsing (2004), in that Anna does not die at the end of the film.

  • a native of a village in Transylvania & the last of the bloodline of the royal house of Valerious, Anna is the descendant of Valerious the Elder, daughter of King Boris Valerious & sister of Prince Velkan. Nine generations of her family have fallen before her since her ancestors swore to purge Dracula from their bloodline, leaving her & her brother all alone as the last to fulfill this promise.

current connections with anna valerious

select headcanons & lore

  • Anna collects Christmas baubles - specifically handblown glass baubles. the earliest known baubles originate from the 16th century & were made of glass beads & tin figures hung on trees like garlands, but Anna prefers the ones that originated in France around 1832-1858. read more

  • Anna has received training in all traditional Romanian cavalry weaponry, to include longbows, sabers, & javelins. of these, she vastly prefers sabers, with the long bow being a close second. She also carries two small daggers on her at all times - one on her belt, one in her boot. She is also proficient in Russian fist fighting - bare knuckle boxing -, though it was largely outlawed generations before her birth. read more


maincanonbased on the events surrounding the 2004 movie van helsing. Princess Anna Valerious, the last in the royal bloodline, is faced with the reality that nine generations of her family's souls may permanently rot in purgatory if she cannot fulfill the oath her ancestor swore in vanquishing Dracula from their bloodline. read more.
eternalvariantbased on an alternate take of the events surrounding the 2004 movie Van Helsing. Instead of the close call at the masquerade ball, Anna was turned by Dracula as vengeance for Marishka's death & spite at the family that had turned his back on him & hunted him all those centuries ago. Even with his death, she could find no peace, & now she walks the world as a Daylighter. Crossover friendly with Underworld muses. read more.
shadowhuntersfandomas head of the Cluj Institute in Romania, Anna oversees the most treacherous Nephilim posting in the world. Following a pact made with Raziel by her ancestors, Anna cannot die until the last of the demons spawned from Hecate's union with Vlad III have been exterminated from this realm. read more.
a song of ice & firefandomGame of Thrones timelime. coming soon. Potentially part of the original family that held Oldstones, cursed with immortality by the Children of the Forest for reasons unknown.

fandomHouse of the Dragon timelime. coming soon.

TJ Hammond

Anna Valerious


NameThomas James Hammond
D.O.B.August 13, 1982
LocationWashington D.C. (North Central District)
StatusPost-canon & Divergent
FaceclaimSebastian Stan


important notes

post canon main verse, trigger warning for mentions of addictions present throughout muse canon. TJ has been in recovery for well over 18 months since the ending of the series.TJ entered rehab at the Alo House Recovery Center in Malibu, California shortly after his brother's surprise wedding. He spent a week in supervised detox, then stayed 90 days inpatient for treatment for his cocaine addiction.Ten weeks after his detox, the withdrawal symptoms finally started to abate but leaving Alo House was hardly the end of his journey to recovery - it took six months to bleed the rest of his demons out in the form of therapy & more than enough making amends. after that, the real work began; rebuilding a life.While his mother hit the campaign trail, he hit the gym & also every networking event he could make it to. Between finding a perfect location & getting actual investors, he kept himself busy enough not to fall back into old habits.In the end, it all paid off; the night they all awaited the election results, they did it in a private room at the club that had been TJ's dream; The Dome officially re-opened its doors the following week & TJ hasn't looked back since.


maincanonbased on post-canon events of Political Animals & following TJ's recovery in an in-patient facility in California through the re-opening of The Dome. will contain mentions of potentialy triggering material such as references to past self harm, drug abuse, & alcohol abuse.
collegecanonset prior to the events of political animals & situated around when TJ would have been in college.

Genya Safin

James "Bucky" Barnes


NameGenya Safin
AKAThe First Tailor
LocationOs Alta
StatusBook canon, show influence
FaceclaimDaisy Head
Shipping notesBisexual biromantic.
Romantic shippingGenya is slightly difficult to ship with, owing to her heavily guarded nature & trauma surrounding her abuse at the hands of the king.


important notes

Warning for mentions of sexual assault. Although she & her gifts were discovered when she was five, Genya has been working on herself since she was three. Given her uniqueness as a tailor, she was gifted to the Queen by the Darkling. She's slept in the Grand Palace ever since, marked as a servant - a grisha without a color - & has been subjected to the abuse of the King. She is disallowed to work on other Grisha as per the queen's orders.

current connections with genya safin

select headcanons & lore

  • Genya does not enjoy silence. Quite the opposite, really - silence sets her on edge. She’s used to the bustle & chatter of the Grand Palace & Little Palace, & the silence makes her turn her thoughts inward far too much for her liking.

  • Genya is very vocal about what she likes to drink - champagne, & there’s no such thing as too much. she is specifically particular to a variety of the sparkling wine imported from Kerch via the southern colonies that has a honeycomb or yellow apple taste to it, but she’s hardly one to turn her nose up to whatever is being offered.

  • when she’s not indulging, she prefers tea from one of the samovars maintained for palace servants, where заварка (Zavarka, a tea concentrate - usually black with a smoky taste profile from the long caravans used to bring it to Os Alta) is brewed before being diluted with water from the base. she prefers her tea not especially strong, but still with more of a punch than many of the others might prefer.

  • She takes her tea with jam - peach during the summer, as that’s what’s grown in the hot houses in the Little Palace, or plum during the rest of the year. this is usually by taking a spoonful of jam & setting it on her tongue before drinking, & it’s the last little tradition she has to remember her blood family by.


maincanonThis verse follows Genya's interactions in both the books Shadow & Bone - Ruin & Rising, as well as the Netflix show. Currently, I have not read King of Scars or Rule of Wolves, but I'll be updating this verse to reflect canon as needed from them once I do!
bridal salon seamstressfandomlessWhere Genya is a seamstress & the creative mind behind her three different bridal salons. her work is highly sought because of her ability to not only fix & produce significant alterations to gowns but for her ability to match those looks with the perfect finishing touches that bring any bride to life. it's almost like... magic. read more.
bridgertonfandomWhere genya is a seamstress working in london following leaving her family home & taking up work to sustain herself instead of allowing herself to be subjected to the whims of society. read more.
hunger gamesfandomGenya is a stylists in the capitol during the hunger games, working tirelessly to ensure her charges receive the most attention & highest prospects for sponsors before facing their ordeal in the games.
a song of ice & firefandomA Lady's maid in King's Landing, Genya spends her days dutifully serving her queen. In truth, her job is a bit more complicated. She had learned early on that the true currency in a Lannister household might be gold, but what retained its value in the bankrupt regency was information - & as someone whose job is to be seen & not heard, she's accumulated quite a lot of that.
star warsfandomAs one of the Naboo Royal Handmaidens, Genya's specific talent is tailoring each of the royal wardrobe pieces to her Queen's specifications - be it concealing a blaster, or integrating armor without compromising design or movement. She also acts as confidant & friend, staying diligently by her Queen's side during the entirety of her term -- she was hand-selected, after all, & there's nothing she does better than make herself useful but invisible. (Based on Padmé's handmaiden Yané). read more.

Kaz Brekker



NameKaz Rietveld Brekker
AKAThe Bastard of the Barrel, Dirtyhands, the most dangerous boy in Ketterdam, Demjin (by Matthias only).
D.O.B.December 25
LocationThe Barrel (Ketterdam)
StatusBook canon, show influence
FaceclaimFreddy Carter
NoteThis muse has incredibly triggering subject matter in both his background & his canon moving forward, & I will not blunt those things because doing so would take away from the accuracy of his portrayal. Please be aware of the triggers listed below that can & will be present, if only in a tertiary manner, throughout each of his interactions.
Endemic triggersGore, excessive violence, body horror, disturbing though patterns, haphephobia, skin hunger & resulting/related violence.
Shipping notesbi-romantic, bi-sexual but severely touch repulsed.
Romantic shippingKaz is very difficult to ship with, given his canon compounded trauma & touch aversion, so I'll be approaching romantic shipping very loosely with him, & it will not be a priority.

in Kaz's canon verses, he is between 17-26, & as such, I do not feel comfortable shipping him with anyone over the age of 30 at this time.
platonic/found familyOn the other hand, once Kaz has invested emotionally in someone, he has a loyalty streak that's miles deep. This is an avenue that's always available - with plotting - & will be much easier to form with him... comparatively speaking.


important notes

  • most important: Kaz suffers from extreme haphephobia (fear of touch) due to deeply ingrained childhood trauma. He only removes his gloves in front of Inej & would not under any circumstances do so in front of anyone else unless significantly plotted.

  • He does not respond well to touch, & will react angrily to it at bare minimum. He is known to take a hand from those who lay them on him, so please keep this in mind when interacting with him.

  • in modern verses, I have edited his backstory a touch to keep his characterization consistent even in verses where it would not be congruent with worldbuilding for him to have suffered a bad break & had it set improperly, as well as to keep the level of trauma he would have endured because of the reaper's barge consistent even without the event itself being possible.

differences in show vs novel

  • an important note that the show's first season is largely an invented plot to server as a prequel to Six of Crows, & it's possible that the second season will feature the book's plot more properly. that being said, this changes the timeline as in the books, the events of shadow & bone take place several years before six of crows.

  • Kaz's age: his age is fluid depending on which canon I'm interacting with. Book muses will see book!aged Kaz, show muses will see an older Kaz. Modern verse, I write him around early to mid 20s

  • The DeKappel Painting (s1e1): diverging from the show, inej & kaz instead stole a painting from the merchant Jan Van Eck worth almost 100,000 kruge. Kaz keeps this painting rolled up under his bed in the Slat.

  • Kaz' eye color: I default to the book - his eyes are brown.

current connections with kaz brekker


  • important note: Kaz's general job description & characterization do not change heavily, nor will his backstory. Many of the verses listed below are variations on the same thing for ease of interaction with a wide variety of muses in varied settings.

  • in terms of backstory: in AU verses, I will default to Kaz & his family having succumbed to a freak outbreak of an unknown hemorrhagic poxvirus, & Kaz survived after spending 8 days laying feverish beside them as an updated point of reference to account for having same-similar levels of trauma to his canon backstory.

  • in terms of his disability: in any verse variant enough that his backstory warrants tweaking, Kaz will suffer from significant osteonecrosis instead of an unhealed break to convey the same level of disability within a worldbuild where his break going improperly healed would be otherwise implausible. He is disabled, & I will not be writing that out in an iteration of his character.

canon & variants

this verse follows Kaz's interactions in both the books Six of Crows / Crooked Kingdom, as well as the Netflix show.
thought to be otkazat'sya most of his life, Kaz kept a tight lid on his grisha talents until the death of his brother & his subsequent survival of firepox pulled the abilities out of him. forced to survive on the streets of Ketterdam, he was eventually found & smuggled to the Little Palace to train alongside others just like him.


modern mainfandomless

At face value, Kaz is a croupier at the local gambling den - The Crow Club is one of the best in the area, & Kaz is ruthless at cards. With him at the table, he controls the deck (decks, usually - up to five) & nothing gets past him. If you ask, he's just a croupier, but that's a lie - he's not only the owner but the leader of the up & coming gang The Dregs, as well as an art thief & professional smuggler, moving priceless works of art & antiquities right under the nose of the authorities across four continents. He can be a best friend or your worst enemy - so choose wisely. read more.
game developerfandomless

Orphaned at nine years old, Kaz has worked his ass off to climb out of the bottom of the proverbial barrel & never look back. Accepted to MIT on an early acceptance, Kaz has crushed through his course load with a double major including his own interdisciplinary major to include interactive entertainment & programming, & political science, with the intent on using those skills to track down the person who left him alone in this world - the spectral figure behind the Dime Lions, one Jakob Hertzoon. read more.
hollywood producerfandomless

after climbing the ladder from the lowest rung, Kaz Brekker is the premier Hollywood producer behind hit shows such as The Bachelor & The Bachelorette. Taking over from an aging Per Haskell, it was Kaz's innovative re-imaging that launched the franchise into the stratosphere in terms of reinvigorated popularity, & he has systematically revamped each spin off to breathe new life & relevancy into it. Though his work on the Bachelor franchise is well known, Kaz's personal life remains tightly under wraps - including just where his disappears to when he's not supervising said productions. read more.

over 200 years old, Kaz has cultivated a reputation that shrouds his age in mystery. he has an extensive trading network fencing antiques, artwork, & other valuables that have slipped through the cracks of history. with this new world, he has more freedom than he ever has before - so long as he can keep to the shadows. read more.

starting off as a dishwasher & scraping his way up through the trenches, Kaz is an absurdly talented bartender working out of the Crow Club. the club’s image owes itself largely to Kaz’s artistry, & he works hard to keep his edge every night, constantly pushing himself harder to keep customers coming through the door. read more.
selection / royaltyfandom (with fandomless variant)

the last in the line after a plague swept through & took his family - including the older brother destined to rule - Kaz is about to come of age & ascend the throne. Before he can do that, however, he’s mandated to go through his Selection & choose who will sit at his side. there’s just one small problem - Kaz never wanted the throne, & he prefers finding his notoriety in other ways - namely as Dirtyhands & the bastard of the barrel. the Selection might finally force the balancing act he’s been shouldering to collapse. who will win? who will sit on the throne? Fandom familiarity not required for interaction. read more.


hunger gamesfandom open.A Gamemaker in the Capitol, Kaz Brekker was originally from District 11. He was 9 when his brother was reaped & killed, & 14 when he made a name for himself winning his own game at the expense of a badly broken leg. Now, he oversees all & keeps his plans close to the vest.
007/james bondfandom
A former 00 agent, Kaz suffered a career ending injury that left him unable to pass clearance to be allowed back in the field. He's no stranger from crawling up put of the ashes though; after passing on the title of 009 to a worthy agent, he threw himself back in the game - this time as a spider handler, & there's nothing that escapes his web. Verse affiliated with agent009, open to interaction. read more.
shadowhunter chroniclesfandom

Half Fae of the Unseelie court, half unmarked Shadowhunter, Kaz lords over his little corner of the Shadow World by keeping open eyes & ears on the most valuable currency of all - secrets. He has no love for the Nephilim, & he's not likely to trust even the other Downworlders that step into his club. Not even warlock magic works past the threshold, after all. There's a price for everything, & if you're willing to pay it, you just might coax him to come to the table.
star warsfandom

antiquities & rare artifacts dealer. getting his start as someone who could get anything if you had the right price & a little patience, Kaz's background is shrouded in mystery. Most know he started at a trading outpost on the Outer Rim, but anything else before he showed up at Canto Bight is a mystery - but only one of the cards he holds closest to his chest. read more.
criminal mindsfandom

years after suffering a near career-ending injury that never fully healed, Kaz Brekker had found a new domain to rule over. delving into the dark net & making a name for himself, dirtyhands was running elaborate schemes that put him as a huge international player from the shadows. all of that would come screeching to a halt when he crossed paths with someone even more bent on vengeance than himself. read more.

Matthias Helvar



NameMatthias Benedik Helvar
D.O.B.May 15
SexualityHeterosexual, hetero-romantic
StatusBook canon, show influence
FaceclaimCalahan Skogman


important notes

  • a former drüskelle from Fjerda, Matthias was imprisoned in Hellgate on charges of being a slave trader until the Crows rescued him in order to force him to join their quest to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur from the Ice Court.

  • Muse follows canon for Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom, diverging at chapter 40 of CK in his main verse.

current connection with matthias helvar

  • coming soon

select headcanons & lore

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